Sep 18, 2020

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Is It Possible To Send Message To Universe & Manifest Anything? (Discover Truth)

Have you tried writing ✍️ a letter to the Universe?

It may sound a bit crazy for some… but it’s really powerful.

When manifesting, we’re always reminded to be clear about our intentions. We are encouraged to speak what we want to the Universe.

There are numerous manifestation techniques out there that we will do. But sometimes, it takes writing down a letter 💌 to actually silence the mind and just let the thoughts flow on paper. And also, it’s very therapeutic!

Why Writing to the Universe 🌌 Is a Good Idea?

Writing a letter to the universe for manifestation puts you during a more focused state.

By now, you’ve probably tried meditation and you recognize it’s not an enter the park. When you want to require an opportunity from this, you’ll always shift to writing instead.

Writing is one among the foremost powerful ways to urge your desires out of your head and into the Universe.

Sometimes, things just go a touch crazy once you verbalize what you would like from this life.

Aside from that, writing it down brings a sense of fulfilment because you can touch ✋ it. You can also go back to it whenever you feel like it.

Also, with the Law of Attraction, we don’t really mention what we fear.

Instead, we’re focused on the positive. However, there are going to be times when the fears are present. And one of the best ways to get rid of these fears is to write it down.

You can openly talk about your concerns or your fears 😨 on paper. By doing so, it will help you get rid of your anxious feelings and eventually, it will bring positive emotions.

One thing to recollect when writing to the universe is that it’s not just for writing down what you would like to manifest.

You can also ask the universe questions by writing them down. And you know what?

The answers will come to you… at the right time.

How To Write To The Universe

Okay, not all letters should start with a “Dear…”

You can write a letter to the universe the way you want to.

The universe doesn’t really mind… as long as your intentions are clear, you’re good to go.

However, here are some tips which may assist you to craft that perfect letter 📄 to the universe.

a) Meditate

I might have hinted within the first a part of this post that writing down your letter to the universe are often an “alternative” to meditation. But that doesn’t apply to everyone.

I guess for a few, you’ll treat it as an alternative to meditation. For others, you can meditate before you write down your letter.


Meditation plays an enormous role in opening and clearing yourself up. Remember, meditation doesn’t require you to sit still for hours.

It could be just for a few minutes and when you reach a calm 😌 state, then you can move on to the next step.

b) Write ✍🏻
It’s time to get that pen and paper and start writing your letter to the universe. Let the words flow. Just write whatever it’s you would like to manifest in your life.

It could be a single sentence or an entire page. Just write down everything you are feeling like telling the universe 🌌.

Just like when manifesting, you’ve got to state your desire.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do you need to happen?
What do you want to happen?
When do you want it to happen?

A good example would be:

“ Hi universe, I would like to be able to pay my month’s car 🚗 payment in full before the end of September”.

As you’ll see, the statement above is straightforward yet very specific. So, when you’re writing to the universe, be as specific as possible.

c) Thank the Universe

Before you abandoning of that letter, confirm to thank the universe.

Tell the universe thank you for fulfilling your wish 🌠 because it’s already done.

The moment that you wrote it down, the universe already moved to give you what you want and it’s on its way.

Praise the universe, Tell the universe how awesome it’s and the way amazing it’s.

Doing this gets you into a state of gratitude. This is essential in lining up your energy.

d) Let It Go

Once you’re through with your letter, sign it, fold it, and put it in an envelope ✉️.

Store it in a safe place.

Let it go and let the universe handle it.

Believe and trust that it’s coming.

e) Alignment

You can revisit your letter to the universe at any time of the day 🌅. In fact, this is often an excellent way for self-alignment.

Choose a specific time of day when you want to open up the letter to read it. Just like with meditation, you’ve got to be during a calm space to try to to this.

Read the letter 📄 and connect with the feelings and emotions of your wish being granted.

This can remind you of your desires and it’ll keep you in higher vibrations.

Re-opening and re-reading your letter to the universe can also open you up to synchronicities, signs, people, and ideas.

On the other hand, if you choose to store it, you’re free to do so. But this is another manifestation technique that you might want to try.

Writing letters to the universe may be a good way to shift your energies ⚡ quickly.

If you think about it, there’s really no excuse for you not to get what you want.

There are so many manifestation techniques that you can do in order to align your energies with your desires.

Now, it’s time ⏲️ to believe Divine Timing.

Do not resist for more abundance to return into your life.

Remember, the universe heard you and what you would like is on its thanks to you.

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