10 Manifestation Myths You Need To Stop Believing Right Now To Manifest Fast (Check Now)

You already understand that knowledge is power. And when used properly, it can change the world.

But before taking on changing the world, there are the little changes each and every one of us struggles with. The ones we reject because we don’t fully understand them.

Manifestation, Attraction, the Law of Abundance are all widely misunderstood topics. They are often rejected by people as some sort of mumbo jumbo hippie talk.

And that’s just because there are countless myths surrounding them.

Myths that have been ingrained in our general knowledge and belief system so much, that we end up completely rejecting the true benefits of manifestation.

While there are numerous myths, I’ll share just a few of the ones I’ve personally struggled with. The ones that made my path cluttered with obstacles. And the ones that, once eliminated, paved the way for true abundance in my life.

1. Avoid Negativity

So many self-made manifestation “gurus” preach this. And it’s impossible. Negativity is not what comes from the outside. It’s our response to negative behaviour, speeches, and actions.

When met with understanding and compassion, negativity is the first building block on your path of self-fulfilment and manifestation. Become the energy you believe in and share it with others!

2. Focus, Fixate, Obsess

This is the most harmful myths out there. Obsessing about ANYTHING will only lead to frustration. It starts with excitement. Then quickly turns into frustration.

The energy, the vibration you’re sending into the universe will no longer be a positive one. And you will not manifest your desires! You will BLOCK them.

So stop obsessing! You need to TRUST that you will manifest what you want.

3. Abundance = Material Gain

I personally started my manifestation journey desiring a better financial situation. I wanted to finish my mortgage early, to get rid of my student loans. I even put them up on a vision board, alongside photos of my dream vacation destinations.

And nothing happened. Because every time I would look at them, I’d be sad and frustrated seeing all the things I did not have!

Only when I gave up those feelings and realized that manifestation starts with a positive state of mind, I was able to manifest them all.

4. It’s All About the Destination!

FALSE! And you might have felt it by now. Because when you only focus on the final goal, you miss amazing opportunities along the road.

You miss connections, experiences, and most important, valuable life lessons that make the journey easier. So to put it simply, stop and smell the roses!

5. You Manifest Through Your Thoughts!

Now this will never happen! If you believe you can lie on your couch and a bag of cash will drop from the sky on your lap, you’re dead wrong!

Manifestation works through thoughts, actions, feelings, and frequency/vibration combined!

You won’t be able to manifest anything if you don’t take action towards your dreams.

So yes, you need to open up and talk about your plans! You need to take action, even if it’s with baby steps. It’s better than doing nothing and it’s definitely part of true manifestation techniques!

6. Manifesting Is Hard and Difficult!

No! Manifestation should not be hard. It is not supposed to be a focus drill where you’re put in a puddle of mud made by your thoughts and somehow you have to keep your head above the muddy mess you are in!

Manifestation feels more like daydreaming. And I’m not trying to under evaluate its power.

It’s the easiness of it all which should transpire from this. And, to be honest, daydreaming is a form of manifestation. If you are trying hard to force things, you aren’t trusting.

7. “The Secret” Has All The Answers

I respect Rhonda Byrne tremendously and the way she delivered the message of metaphysics to the masses was incredible.

However, I do believe she neglected to explore VIBRATION, YOUR vibration, which is the core essence of manifesting.

The Law of Vibration is as important as the Law of Attraction and it needs to be properly addressed, as we all have different frequencies that need to harmonize in order to fully manifest the things we desire.

8. Meditation Requires Emptying Your Mind

This is not achievable without years of daily practice. So focusing on emptying your mind of any and all thoughts is not the way to go about it if you want results anytime soon.

Meditation as a form of manifestation works best if you embrace the power of surrendering and practice mindfulness.

To understand your train of thought, your belief system, and how your mind jumps from one thing to another, you need to be in observer mode.

Only then will you be able to declutter and focus on what is important to you in a powerful state of flow and not an obsessive manner.

9. Manifestation is Mysterious

A lot of people think manifestation is a mysterious thing that just happens magically. That’s not true!

Manifestation happens when your frequency is in alignment with the frequency of creation.

When your vibration is aligned, then your intention for what you want becomes like a magnet, attracting it to you. Like attracts like.

When your frequency is off, that alignment just doesn’t happen. That’s why Manifestation Magic works so well. It focuses on shifting your frequency.

10. Affirmations are the Key to Manifestation

Many people believe that if they just repeat a mantra or an affirmation over and over, it will make all their dreams magically come true. That would be nice, but it’s unfortunately not accurate.

Affirmations alone don’t go straight into the subconscious. So they might have a small effect, but subconscious programming will override anything just done on a conscious level.

Luckily, Manifestation Magic overcomes this limitation by using the combination of guided meditations that utilize neuro-linguistic programming along with brainwave entrainment audio frequencies that are aligned with the frequency of manifestation.

This powerful combo connects directly with the subconscious, overriding the conscious mind’s programming.

And that is the TRUE key to manifestation.

So, if you truly want a manifestation program that will hold your hand on the path of self-discovery, attraction, abundance, and freedom, then Manifestation Magic is the way to go. And I promise you, there are no myths about it. Just clarity!

Click on this link here to get more about how “Manifestation Magic” can assist you.

Disclosure: This content, post or description may contain some affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links and buy, I‘ll receive a small commission. It keeps me motivated to write such kind of pieces of stuff. (there is no additional cost to you if you buy via my links)




A Self-Motivated content writer who writes in niches like Health, Parenting, Relationships & Self-help. Love to be motivated & motivate others.

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A Self-Motivated content writer who writes in niches like Health, Parenting, Relationships & Self-help. Love to be motivated & motivate others.

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